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As of 9/9/2013 I am a 3rd Year Computer Science/Software Engineering major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. There I am a full time student while working for the ITS Desktop Support team. I have been part of that team for about 2-1/2 years (Started working there as a freshmen) and have a good standing with the team.

The skills that I have picked up from working for the Rochester Institute of Technology are

  • SCCM 2007 and 2012, along with USMT (User State Migration Tool)
  • Encryption Agent
  • Active Directory and Group Policy
  • Virtual Machine management

I am a developer under kiwidoggie productions and working with a few others in Emulator Nexus for the VeniceUnleashed project. My skills mainly range in .NET C#, Native C++, x86 Assembly, PowerPC Assembly (Xenon/Cell processors aka Xbox 360/PlayStation 3), Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, Basic Active Directory setup and usage, Group Policy setup and usage. I have experience with VMware Workstation, and Proxmox VE solutions.

I tend to do reverse engineering time to time on various projects, these are not the stereotypical “Black-Hat” hackers that hack into systems and steal your information, but the “White-Hat” reverse engineers that look for doing “good”, expanding functionality to a Closed Source program, or reversing algorithms to figure out how they work. With that being said, I am against piracy because if I want to work in the Software Engineering field, I don’t want people stealing my work for free. None of my work involves removing security for piracy.

With that being said, you won’t find any keygens, cracks, etc on this website because that is not what I am interested in reverse engineering. The things you will find are patches to unlock hidden/disabled functionality in a program, game, or tool. Tools made to work with, create, or modify content in a game, application or program (you, the user will need to provide your own files, no copyrighted material will be distributed).

With that being said you can contact me in a various of different ways.

Email: [email protected]
Websites: AllenThinks.com or kiwidog.me
AIM: kiwid0ggie

LinkedIn: View Allen Thomas's LinkedIn profileView Allen Thomas’s profile

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