Monthly Archives: December 2013

Why I will never install ImgBurn again

Long story short, ImgBurn comes with the Conduit Redirect Malware, even when you go through and selectively set to not install any toolbars (which I do with all of my installs) it still installs anyway. Therefore all of my browsers on my laptop (luckly I don’t use it for anything important) got hijacked. They continued to get hijacked even after uninstalling requiring a full reset of all of my browsers and cleaning out with adwcleaner, Super Anti-Spyware, and Malware Bytes.

Why a developer would ever support installing Malware on a machine is beyond me and I will never use ImgBurn ever again. I used to love the software but installing Malware on peoples computers I can’t support.

Goodbye forever, ImgBurn.