Why I will never install ImgBurn again

Long story short, ImgBurn comes with the Conduit Redirect Malware, even when you go through and selectively set to not install any toolbars (which I do with all of my installs) it still installs anyway. Therefore all of my browsers on my laptop (luckly I don’t use it for anything important) got hijacked. They continued to get hijacked even after uninstalling requiring a full reset of all of my browsers and cleaning out with adwcleaner, Super Anti-Spyware, and Malware Bytes.

Why a developer would ever support installing Malware on a machine is beyond me and I will never use ImgBurn ever again. I used to love the software but installing Malware on peoples computers I can’t support.

Goodbye forever, ImgBurn.

Punkbuster and You.

Here are common, but somewhat unknown fixes for this message and similar.

Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player ‘PLAYERNAME” (for 0 minutes) … RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe

  1. Go to the games directory and find the “pb” folder and delete it.
  2. Go to EvenBalance’s PBSETUP website and download and save it to your desktop.
  3. Run pbsetup.exe as an administrator and check for updates.
  4. Select the game that you are having troubles with through Add a Game button
  5. Click check for updates again and it should download the newest version of punkbuster
  6. Go to EvenBalances PBSVC website and download and save it to your desktop.
  7. Run pbsvc.exe as an administrator and follow all of the steps.
  8. Profit?

I hope that gets some unhappy gamers up to spec and back on the virtual playing field.


Hello there, As you may or may not have known. The website has changed again, some of you may be thinking


Fear not, they have not vanished or been deleted in any way; Everything has just moved to another domain. kiwidog.me is the new place to find everything that you have previously known and loved. All updates will be done on kiwidog.me and all future news will be posted there. This website will now turn into more of a portfolio website of final work that I have finished. Plus in my mind and to quite a few other people it made more sense that kiwidog’s blog landed on a kiwidog.me domain name 😀

All previous links will need to be changed from blog.allenthinks.com\WHATEVER to kiwidog.me\WHATEVER and it should work. All downloads have been moved over and updated on the website, if you see any issues with the website please don’t hesitate to contact me saying so!

If you haven’t gotten it already, go check out kiwidog.me!